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I was born in Vladimir, Russia, and have been obsessed with creating all the things ever since. 

I'm a multi-passionate soul: painter, author, podcaster, and coach with a mission to help the art world heal and thrive. I'm in love with Pomeranians, luxury candles, crystals, and everyday magic. 

Ekaterina Popova
Artist, Artpreneur and Coach

I grew up in Vladimir, Russia, but when I was 12, my mom and I packed our bags, sold our tiny apartment, and moved across the ocean. With not much to our name, I learned to face challenges, financial hardship, and the lack of belonging that comes with being an immigrant. At a young age, I had to face fears, struggles, and uncertainty. I was painfully shy and embarrassed about my "Harry Potter" glasses and hand-me-down clothes. But one thing that kept me going was my art and a faith in something beyond me.

Being an artist and creator saved me. It helped me process painful moments, sadness, and fear...but creation goes way beyond the canvas. I believe each of us has been given the power to fulfill our dreams and create lasting change in our lives.

It wasn't easy for me to get here. I was always the shyest kid. I would get nervous about raising my hand in class, and if you told me ten years ago that I would have an art career I'm in love with and a creative business, I would laugh and probably spit out my rosé kombucha! My, times have changed! Change is a beautiful thing, my friend.

Where it all began

From shyness and fear to finding self-love and a deeper purpose

Choosing Yourself 

I learned that the secret was to stop waiting for validation and create our own opportunities by listening to our inner whispers. 

In 2011, in debt with no job prospects after graduating from art school, I found myself crying every day. I was rejected from every job and exhibition I applied to and ended up serving pancakes for a living. I thought I failed. Deep down, I knew I was meant for a bigger life, but on the outside, my life was a hot mess. After several years of struggle, odd jobs, painting on the floor of our studio apartment, I had a lightbulb moment.

One day, I got the idea to start my first magazine, FreshPaintMagazine.

I didn't know it at the time, but this was when everything changed—the moment I chose myself.

Stepping out of survival 

The day I chose to create something without proper experience, credentials or skills was the day I changed my life. Even though it would take years for the changes to manifest and allow me to become my own boss, I discovered how powerful we really are. I stopped getting upset about rejection letters and started to delight in the realization that I can create anything in my life. My artwork began to improve, and I found my voice. Additionally, my business started to grow, but most importantly, I started to gain the confidence to use my voice and connect with other like-minded creatives.

This was the beginning of my dream life emerging before me.

So, I began to teach myself online business skills, submerge myself into the art world in any way I could and claim my place in it. I read self-development, manifestation, and healing materials like it was my job. Google became my best friend. My mindset slowly started to shift until one day, I was ready to work for myself.

Creating the dream life

Plot Twist 

If you read up to this point, you probably think, great you did it, congrats! The story does not end there. It turns out material and career success is not enough.

Years after manifesting some exciting dreams like my dream studio, car and income, I was struggling with addiction, trauma wounds and a deep sadness that I couldn't seem to understand.

It took time for me to realize that our whole life is a canvas, and we must nurture every part of our being as artists, not just the studio practice.

My New Purpose

Through incredible support, healing, and a journey of sobriety, I can stand here today and serve this beautiful community of creatives to be a witness that change is possible, no matter how dark your life is at this moment. Healing, abundance, relief, and confidence in your unique journey are what I want you to experience in this lifetime. Because I got the support I needed, I want to offer it to you.

Now my purpose is serving a community of artists through my podcast, magazine, Art Queens membership, and coaching. I believe I was put here on this planet to be an example of what's possible, even if you come from humble beginnings like me.

I can't wait to witness your incredible transformation and celebrate with you. If there's one thing I can leave you with before we get started, it's this: You are worthy of your dreams; you are worthy of being loved and feeling good every day you wake up and walk into your studio or stand in front of a crowd sharing your unique gifts. Choose a bigger life so that as we heal, we can make an impact beyond the canvas together and help others do the same.

Schitt's Creek

candles and crystals

ALmond Milk Latte

Art store or Lush!

Seaweed snacks

01. favorite tv show

02. guilty pleasure

05. starbucks order


naps and baths

Inpiring artists to live rtheir dreams!

07. when i'm not working

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all the fun facts

Schitt's Creek

crystals and candles


01. favorite tv show

02. guilty pleasure


04. platform of choice

03. favorite SNACK

flat white


yoga time!

05. starbucks order

06. place to shop

image style, obvs.

08. super power

07. when i'm not working


all the fun facts



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